Monday, February 4, 2013

Vintage Children Books

I was just watching PBS and they had a short segment about the Nancy Drew books.  Apparently, one of the authors, Millie Benson, was from Toledo, Ohio.  I didn't know until watching that she was the author of 23 of the 30 original books. Since we live in Ohio, this was a special showcase on the local PBS Channel.

This got me to thinking about those books.
I remember my grandmother had a set of them my mother & aunts used to read when they were younger.
They looked a lot like this:
Photo courtesy of
I remember being too young to read these at the time, but the yellow covers with a picture of Nancy on the binding always catching my eye when I walked past the book shelf.  I wish I had these today.  Such a great piece of American Literary history.

It makes me wonder, what were the books you remember as a child?

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